Specialising Makes Business Sense

If a woman wants to make as much money as possible in the sex industry then it is a good idea for her to think about specialising. The market for genuinely high class and professional escorts in Marbella is extremely competitive. Every place you might work will be filled with prostitutes and in every location it is difficult to be successful. Becoming a specialist in a small part of the sex industry will help you beat the competition. A woman can become a success in the sex industry by focusing her work. Instead of competing with every woman in the city, a smart woman will find a way to have less competition and achieve better prices.

Sex is fun and exciting. I love sex and I because I love sex I am extremely good at it. Enjoying sex and being great at sex are terrific attributes for a woman who is a woman who escorts Marbella visitors and has sex with them in direct exchange for cash. Adoring sex made me a lot of money because my customers always chose to return because they enjoyed having sex with me. My clients would always pay more to have sex with me than to have sex with other prostitutes. Clients would spend more to have time with me because they enjoyed sex with me more than with with anyone else. They enjoyed sex with me because I enjoyed sex with them.

The biggest myth about the sex industry is the one about human smuggling. There is this idea that every prostitute is a victim of organised crime organisations. It is not true that every professional escort girl of any kind is a victim. Sex work is probably not the first choice of career for any woman. But the fact that sex work is not the a woman's first choice does not mean that she has been forced into the sex industry. A woman who makes a choice to make money by renting her body for sex is not the same as a slave. The majority of prostitutes choose to be prostitutes because it is the best way to make a large amount of money in a small amount of time.