Nothing Is Better Than Sex

Is there anything more consistently enjoyable than sex? I do not think that there is. Great sex is amazing and bad sex is still fun. Which means that working with the highest end escort girls and selling sex to the men who want to visit with them is a nice way to earn a living. There are far worse jobs and much worse businesses. I know because I have had far worse jobs and owned much worse businesses. Like every job some days are better than others. But my worst day in the escort business is still better than my best day in some other jobs that I have had.

People think that selling sex is easy. But it is not as simple as everyone believes. The main reason that it is difficult to sell a prostitution service is the enormous amount of competition. Wherever you travel, live or try to set up a new business there will be lots of other firms already doing business. And to be a success means that you have to either create a new market or take the best high class escort Tenerife has to offer and clients from someone else. Creating a new market in the sex industry is extremely hard as it is the oldest profession. Which means that becoming a winner means making somebody else a loser. And beating other people who are also working hard on the business is never easy.

To be a success in the escort agency industry takes hard work. The sex industry is extremely competitive and all the businesses in the industry are competing hard. The many escort agencies and brothels are competing for clients and they are also competing to secure the best girls. Ultimately the business with the best high class Tenerife escort girls will win the best clients. But the business with the best clients will attract the best girls.

So it is very difficult to become a successful business in the sex industry because you have to succeed in two very different things at the same time. If you only accomplish one of them, your business will fail. All of which means that it is important to keep your eye on lots of different but important elements at the same time.